Helpmesee Virtual Reality eye surgery simulator



Helpmesee MSICS simulator

My role

Product design, visual design

HelpMeSee > is a campaign to solve the global crisis of cataract blindness in two decades. HelpMeSee selected Moog for a joint development contract to design and produce a high-fidelity virtual reality Eye Surgery Simulator and course-ware model to train cataract surgeons to proficiency, enabling them to perform high quality, high volume surgeries to save the sight of millions of blind people worldwide.

Due to their experience in virtual reality optics Cinoptics was contracted to develop the virtual microscope which is part of the virtual reality eye surgery simulator.
 Working together with Moog and Pilotfish, I had the opportunity to develop the virtual microscope system of the unit. The design language followed that of the rest of simulator, yet takes elements of Cinoptics' design.

Goed Industrieel Ontwerp (GIO) is a quality watermark that recognizes good design and craftsmanship in the Netherlands.
The HelpMeSee MSICS Simulator was awarded a Good design award in 2014.