Light rain



Light rain

My role

User research, concept development, technology research

Cities tend to isolate themselves from their surroundings, effectively isolating themselves from nature. Not only from forests and fields but also for example through sky glow they are isolated from the night skies.

Weather influences the environment and it connects people with nature. It also stimulates interactions between people as weather is often an easy way to engage in small talk. It is a shared experience they can relate to.
These thoughts shaped this concept:
 "Every raindrop becomes light"


The idea behind Light Rain is to allow people to engage with their environment, nature and other people through rain and light.
The basic idea is to translate rain drops into light within a shelter type structure. When it starts raining, the structure is activated. Attracting the passer-by and fueling their curiosity. The dome-like shape acts as a shelter covered in an array of lights on the inside. As every single drop is translated into a light beam, it engages the person to experience nature (in this case rain) in a new way without the burden of getting wet.