Designing a VR/AR product line



Various VR and AR devices for Cinoptics

My role

Design lead, Product designer, prototyping

While working at Cinoptics I had the opportunity to envision all aspects of the design. I created a coherent design language that mirrored the values and vision of the brand identity and implemented it in the industrial design for all virtual and augmented reality products.

This series of products encompass the entire product line of Cinoptics. To achieve this it was necessary to initially develop the brand identity and the design language. This allowed a the products to have a coherent aesthetic quality that represented Cinoptics' vision.

The design language follows a blend of soft shapes with sharp abrupt lines to define its distinct character. Given the 3 main markets Cinoptics focuses on, the balance of these two elements can be tweaked to serve a different purpose (sharper lines are more fitting to the Aviation market, as opposed to soft lines for the Medical branch).