A Destination

Working at Cinoptics I had the opportunity to define the design language for the entire product line. Besides creating the brand identity I developed the strategy of the design language with an emphasis on quality, flexibility and a distinct design.

Closely working with our electronics and production team I defined the aesthetics of each product and engineerd smart building blocks that could be adapted to the clients specifications and needs.


The design language follows a blend of soft shapes with sharp abrupt lines to define its distinct character. Given the 3 main markets Cinoptics focuses on, the balance of these two elements can be tweaked to serve a different purpose (sharper lines are more fitting to the Aviation market, as opposed to soft lines for the Medical branch).


In order to relate the brand identity with each individual product, the name of each product represents a shade of blue.
Cinoptics' brand identity comprises a series of blue gradient blocks that are applied throughout the visual identity. This way names such as Cobalt, Argon and Iris were used to define each products character.

"The dent"

One of the most noticeable features that defines the design language is "the dent". Situated on the top-front side of each product, this feature breaks the flow of the soft lines, emphasizing the unique optical system contained within each product.