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Inoherb is one of the earliest Chinese skin care producers which uses herbs as their base materials. Inoherb believes that beauty comes from within. The skin will only be beautiful if it has internal energy.
Inoherb differentiates itself from other brands by their high-quality natural skin care products.

Men skin care

With the recent importance men skin care products have acquired, Inoherb felt the need to develop a new line specifically focused on men. Together with s.point, Inoherb and target users we collaborated to create a product line that would appeal the men demographic. Several concepts were created but black tea stood out as the strongest.

Black tea

It is a Chinese belief that Black tea has the property of eliminating fat and cleansing the palette. For this project I combined the various elements to represent the energy tea leaves can release and revitalize the skin. To give a masculine feeling to the logo was simplified and the color palette was made much darker and rugged than the female skin care line.