Know your history

Over the years, Cybermind has evolved in many ways. Started in 1997 as a distributor of Virtual Reality equipment, today the main focus is to manufacture and develop professional digital optics. It was essential to develop an unambiguous name and appearance of the company. That is why a new identity, one that better suits current and future activities, was developed.


"Let's create reality"

To create this new brand we took a good look at what we do, and how we could represent this. The brand strategy was developed to understand what the mission, vision, values and personality the brand should present. The combination of all these elements were condensed into one encompassing sentence: "Let´s create reality" 

The content

Design Language

Something very unique to this project was that I was also in charge of the content.
I had the opportunity to develop the entire product line in parallel with the brand. This allowed me to influence both aspects of the company that allowed for further consistency. Resulting in a total product.