I believe that products should be meaningful, intelligent and beautiful. As an industrial designer I always strive for these elements in my designs. I achieve this through my knowledge of technology, aesthetics and people, applying the skills I have to combine these elements to create interesting things.

I thrive in the conceptual end of product development, finding ways to make complicated things simple and creating stories behind products and services.

Some of the tools I use to create are Rhino, Solidworks, Illustrator, InDesign and Keyshot, even though my design process usually starts with sketching out my ideas and concepts. I also use various qualitative user-research methods, design research and fieldwork.
Besides being a keen designer, I also have a soft spot for graphic design and typography.

Because I have lived in many countries, traveling has always been part of my life. This has triggered my interest in understanding different cultures and traditions.


Recently I was the lead designer at Cinoptics. I was in charge of the development of the new brand /visual identity, the company name, logo, website and strategic approach for the new company. I was also in charge of the design language for the entire product range, the concept design, product development and production of all the devices.

I previously worked at s.point. An experienced design firm located in Shanghai which focuses on design strategy, innovation and product development through concept implementation. I worked on multiple design projects for several national and international brands. This included products from diverse industries such as: domestic appliances, lighting, cosmetics and consumer electronics. Through the variety of projects, I had the opportunity of working in several stages of the design process, often focusing on the conceptual stages of the design innovation.

Ever since finishing my studies I have owned an independent design consultancy. I've worked on several projects ranging from identity design, new product development, market research and graphic design.